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Forest Schools

At Hackness we value learning outdoors and the benefits it can offer for all children. Forest and Beach schools offer a unique educational experience using the local outdoor environment as a natural classroom. All ages of children take part in these afternoons thorough-out the year, with children experiencing all weathers and seasons. 


Research has shown that Forest School sessions encourage: 

  • confidence - children have the freedom, time and space to learn and demonstrate independence 
  • social skills - children can gain an increased awareness of the consequences of their actions, through team activities such as sharing tools, problem solving and participating in play
  • communication - language development is often prompted by the children's sensory experiences
  • motivation - the woodlands tends to fascinate the children and they can develop a keenness to participate and the ability to concentrate over longer periods of time
  • physical skills - the children can demonstrate more physical stamina, in both gross and fine motor skills
  • knowledge and understanding - the children can develop an interest in the natural surroundings and respect for the environment
Please follow the link below for photos of our school's Forest and Beach school afternoons.