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Minutes of meeting held on Friday 18 November

School representatives in attendance

Christine Wilkinson (CW)

Sam Boothby

Rob Marsh

Sarah Bull

Ruth Gaskell

Christine Kay



All parents of Hackness School


Agenda Items

  • Lunch time Catering

    1. ongoing audit is taking place of all ingredients coming into the kitchen to check we are maintaining standards. For example, the ice cream and yogurt were considered to be unhealthy and the yogurt has been substituted recently for an alternative brand by County Caterers which has improved the quality and taste. More children are choosing to eat fruit. The teachers are encouraging all children to try new meals and peer pressure has helpfully worked to create acceptance. One parent raised a concern about the amount of garlic in some of the meals which masks the flavours. An issue was also raised about the goodness of the food in some of the packed lunches provided by parents. A Health Visitor is scheduled to come into school to talk to CW about nutrition and tackle the general problems of obesity in primary schools.


  • Communication

    It has been highlighted that occasionally there may be a day’s delay in Parent Mail posting the Herald to parents. Parents requested that new dates and changes to dates be highlighted so that it was immediately obvious as to which had changed rather than having to check all the dates every week.

    1. requested more notice with regards to special events taking place in school, which might require the children to come in a different outfit or bring money or donations to stalls. Parents also requested that at the beginning of each term a notice could be made to show which charities the school was choosing to support. CW wishes for the school to continue to choose the charities it wishes to support as they can be brought into curriculum discussions. The question was asked whether donations made by parents could be gift aided.

    Cross Country Events will no longer be posted on the Herald to avoid any confusion.




  • Water

    Named cups are now available for children in Class 1. All water bottles have been returned home. They have a water break in the morning and water at lunchtime. Teachers know which children need to be encouraged to drink water and they are sent to drink more.


  • East Barnby

    The East Barnby field trip will remain as 4 nights and 5 days for Year 4 pupils as they love going for a whole week and there is no need to reduce the time spent there.


    Date of next meeting – Monday, 20th March at 2:00 p.m. in Hackness School